About Rosy Electronics

Rosy Electronics Pvt Ltd. started its journey in 1967 with meagre capital and work force but with a clear determination and faith in itself for manufacturing intermediate frequency transformers for audio equipment’s. Thrust on Quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and service to customers as its guiding principles, Rosy Electronics carved out a niche for itself in the market and went ahead to achieve further growth and excellence with the time. R&D remains our forte throughout this journey.

Rosy Electronics Private Limited., with over 50 years of experience, prides itself as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of wound components, serving multiple industry sectors including power, switchgear, telecommunications, consumer electronics, battery management systems, power supplies, lighting and automotive among others. Our product line includes complete range of wound components as in inductive coils, line filters, ferrite based transformers, laminated transformers, toroidal chokes, current transformers, shunts, shunt assemblies and other sheet metal components.

Our Company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and meets current state of the art in product research and development. Our company’s culture is centered around three pillars – customers, employees and stakeholder value. This has afforded us an opportunity to provide customized solutions and innovate products as well as processes to enter new sectors in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

We provide quality products and services to our customers prioritizing their needs in a timely and cost effective manner whilst helping to continuously improve their technology, operational and financial outcomes. Our products measure up to stringent quality parameters.
Our employees are our biggest assets and ambassadors of company culture. We provide a conductive environment for our employees to conduct research and development, innovate and imbibe an ownership culture to meet product quality and customer service standards that we set for ourselves. There is no team more committed than we are to realize success together with our customers.
We pride ourselves in creating value for our internal and external stakeholders. We strive to be a trusted partner for our customers to realize their vision by providing high quality product solutions for their needs.
We have a quality first attitude through product concept to commercialization. From material sourcing, process monitoring and product compliance to root cause analysis and process optimization, all the processes are independently prioritized to maintain product quality. Our products are designed for optimal performance that guarantees customer satisfaction.
We have an integrated production infrastructure that involves assembly line manufacturing, engineers/technicians and connected manufacturing facilities to assure optimal productivity and minimum downtime. The growing market for ferrite based wound transformers and CTs with sheet metal components has afforded an opportunity for Rosy Electronics Private Limited and other group companies to scale its operations and enhance manufacturing facilities spanning across all its four locations throughout Delhi NCR region, and upcoming location in 2019.

Rosy Electronics Private Limited’s customer focused philosophy ensures that our engineers work in partnership and close collaboration with our customers to provide technical solutions for their products and new product innovation. Our management’s commitment ensures delivery of superior and cost effective solutions for our customers.

We have the ability and resources to support co-development efforts and contract manufacturing solutions providing technical support, supply chain management, go-to market support and customer services.

We provide our electronics products to different sectors like:-

  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • White Goods
  • Printers
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Digital Homes
  • Enterprise
  • Point of Sale
  • Industrial